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Lord Ganesha

And the auspicious festive season arrives!! Modaks are being kept ready, pandaals are set-up, favorite Bappa songs can be heard from every nook and corner of the city. Every section of the society is anxiously waiting for King of Lords Shri Ganesh to arrive and grace their lives with divine blessings.

Undoubtedly, Ganesh Chaturthi would be the only festival of its kind amidst all other festivals ranging different faith, beliefs and traditions. Lord Ganesha brings people together. Despite various castes, creed, standard of living, social status or financial class; this occasion calls for active participation in welcoming God and selflessly serving him. When God is perceived to be visiting our homes, what else can probably match the graciousness and happiness of the occasion?

Amongst all deities (33 crore Gods in Hindu mythology), Ganesha holds a special place. This starts from the very depiction of Lord Ganesha’s body. Lord Ganesha’s trunk symbolizes strength, large ears signify capability to hear all prayers from all devotees, lotus bearing hand for enlightenment, Another hand holding hatchet shows that enlightenment cuts off bonds of attachment from materialistic world, third hand carrying sweets implies good result of good deeds, wherein the fourth hand implies blessing. Ganesha’s sitting posture of one foot on the ground and another one resting on his knee again passes on the message that enlightened man lives on earth away from material desires and is down to earth always.

So much for all of us to learn key secrets of life from the idol of our dear deity Lord Ganesha.

Pandaals across Maharashtra place Ganesha idols as per different themes. It does signify the influence God has on our thinking and mindset. Even animation companies involved in production of television series of Bal Ganesh bring out various storylines in different languages to imply victory of good over evil.

In a generation where we witness lack of sensitivity, aggression and hatred - the wisdoms of God play a very vital role in determining the way we design and carry our self. These are the values that stay with us and we pass on for generations to come. Nonetheless what also matters is the extent we utilize these lessons during practical phases of life and how we uphold humanity and good deeds before a not so forgiving world.

Spirituality touches and impacts our lives in a very special way during the divine occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. May his blessings continue to shower on us and his teachings be lessons, during every phase of our life.


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